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The websites are selected by our team in order to offer you only those that are RELIABLE and already PROFITABLE

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Our team of professionals has accumulated many years of experience in creating and selling web businesses. Benefit from a tailor-made support to get the best price and sell all types of sites as quickly as possible. From full initial audit to final technical migration, we take care of everything!

Financial, technical, quality audit: any site offered on DotMarket.eu is subject to a process of analysis and valuation tested by a team of professionals.

Invest in a business reliable & profitable, access all data necessary to take a informed decision and benefit from a follow-up custom from initial analysis to migration final !


More money, less time

Our buyers trust our expertise and stand firm for any new reliable business. Take the opportunity to sell faster and with the guarantee of obtaining the fairest price for your business.

Filtering Buyers

Confidentiality clause, proof of solvency, preliminary interview... All of our buyers are filtered to save you time and guarantee transactions efficient & secure !


First sale or tenth, we adapt to offer you a 100% personalized support that meets your needs and make this sale a memorable experience.

Efficiency & Safety

Assignment contract, escrow, migration : we cover all stages of the sale of your business. Everything is taken care of by experts by respecting proven and 100% secure processes!

Sellers & Certified Sites

All the financial and technical data of the listed sites have been thoroughly checked and validated by our team of due diligence. The guarantee of only dealing with sellers who have shown a white paw!

Transparent Data

Have full access to all available data to analyze the data compiled during our audits as you wish.

Tailor-made support

Discussions prior to post-closing handling (advice, training): we adapt to offer you a 100% personalized support that meets your needs throughout the buying process.

Efficiency & Safety

Due diligence, transfer contract, escrow, migration : we cover all stages of your investment. Everything is taken care of by experts respecting proven processes and 100% secure!


Testimonials from buyers and sellers


Articles & Case Studies ... on buying / selling sites.

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The DotMarket team

Our team is made up of SEO experts, e-commerce experts, technical experts, legal experts. Our goal: to secure the purchase and sale of a website from A to Z!